Logos and Graphics

No Logo? No Problem! No Graphic Design Ideas? No Problem! We have experienced graphic design technicians that can take care of all of your logo and graphic[Graphic Design] design needs. Whether your are in need of a company logo or you need an entire web site designed, we can handle it for you.

Page after page of fully colored eye-catching attractive logos and designs that will be made to specific needs and specifications. Logos that will help identify and express what your company represents and stands for in one exclusive logo.

We can even help you get your logo trademarked. That’s right, let our design team send off all the paper work for you to get your logo copyrighted so that it can be used exclusively by your company.

The trademark service is provided for an additional fee, an outside legal representative will be used to complete the final procedures.

Web Site Builders

Today’s internet is a powerful tool. It is reshaping the way we communicate and live. The new e-economy has created a revolutionary new environment of applications and technologies. It is moving us all to reevaluate to the core the way we do business, and in many instances to redesign our approach to the business in which we are currently involved. Recent studies tell us that in the near future, Cyber-Technology will connect to over 900 million potential purchasers, all of them searching on the beast we refer to as the internet. The internet customers who comprise this big picture are connecting not only from your local community but also from around the world. Change is inevitable. Let us help you take part of this revolutionary internet business economy. Partnering with Lenco Business Solutions will allow you to significantly enhance your website’s presence on the net.

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