Networking Solutions

We understand the importance of sharing data. Networks are crucial to business and increasingly popular in the home. We offer a variety of choice regarding your network needs. Hardwired or wireless, PC or Macintosh, we can get you connected!

Our Network Administrator is Comp TIA and Microsoft Experienced. Lenco Business Solutions can assist you with your networking needs from initial site evaluation and consultation to product selection and sales, installation, training and on-going service and maintenance.


Lenco Business Solutions offers installation and set-up services from simple software packages to complex systems and home and office networks we can help you get set up and ready to go in just a short time.

We are experienced with Windows 98, NT, 2000,Windows 7 and XP Operating Systems, as well as OS X and nearly every flavor of Linux/UNIX. Our experience with software systems is varied, including significant experience with many accounting and financial packages, and current real estate programs.

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